There are many different ways to remove unwanted hair from the body. Most are temporary, such as waxing and shaving, whereas others are longer-lasting. Electrolysis falls into the latter category and is backed by the FDA as a permanent solution.

What Is Electrolysis

The process of electrolysis is to create chemical changes in a structure by subjecting it to a mild electrical charge. The process causes ionic substances to break down or decompose. It is used in many different real-world situations, including the purification and extraction of metals from ores or compounds, as well as within the health & beauty industry.

Electrolysis for Hair Removal

What is electrolysis used for in the health & beauty industry?

When it comes to electrolysis within health & beauty, the process is used as a solution for permanent hair removal. It’s safe to use on any area of the body, such as the legs, upper lip, or chin. The process is safe and virtually painless, with most people experiencing little to no side effects.

Hair growth on the body is influenced by genetics and other outside influences. These include certain medications, illnesses, and even the use of certain temporary hair removal methods that while they remove the hair temporarily, actually stimulate further growth. Many people, and women, in particular, would rather not have visible hair in many areas, such as the upper lip, the chin, or around the bikini line.
The process of electrolysis utilizes a fine metal probe that passes an electric current into the core of each individual hair. Once this is done, the hair is either removed from the follicle or falls out naturally. The procedure prevents the follicle from generating further hair growth. Therefore, once all the follicles in the area have been treated, no new hair will grow.  Only so-called ‘needle electrolysis’ brings about permanent hair removal.

Those done using photo epilators or electronic tweezers only cause hair loss for a finite amount of time. This is because the follicle does not lose its ability to generate new hair growth. For this reason, many states are banned from marketing photo epilation or electronic tweezers as electrolysis.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where on the body can you have electrolysis?


The procedure can be carried out virtually anywhere on the body where there’s unwanted hair growth. Some of the common areas include: 
Upper lip
Fingers and toes
Bikini line
Lower legs


How long does an electrolysis session last?


Each session will last anything between 15 minutes to 1 hour. You’ll be advised at your first consultation how long each will take and the estimated number of appointments you’ll need to reach your hair loss goal.


Does DIY electrolysis work?


There are multiple DIY electrolysis products on the market. However, it’s important to note that many of these are not needle electrolysis—instead, they utilize electronic tweezers or photo epilators that do not bring about permanent hair removal. 

Successful electrolysis is a skilled and laborious process. Each hair has to be individually treated, meaning that even the smallest of areas takes time to complete. Carrying out the procedure at home isn’t impossible, but it’s complicated to do correctly and ensure that you don’t cause damage to delicate skin.


Does electrolysis hurt?


Electrolysis is rarely painful. Most people only experience slight discomfort, which can be further alleviated with a mild anesthetic cream before treatment. For up to 24-48 hours after an electrolysis session, you may experience a mild reddening of the area treated, which soon subsides.


How many treatments are needed?


Every person’s hair removal needs are different, therefore it’s hard to give a generalized answer as to how many electrolysis treatments will be needed. The number will be dependent on: 

The area of the body that’s being treated
The thickness/coarseness of the hairs to be removed 

Whatever the case, multiple treatments will be needed. These are carried out either weekly or bi-weekly. Once the areas of hair have been eradicated, no further treatments or maintenance is needed as the process leads to permanent hair removal.

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