Leading dermatologists in Webster, Texas

The prime location of the Bayou City Dermatology makes the clinic the number one choice for your dermatologist in Webster. Regarded as one of the leading skin centers of Texas, the team is headed by dermatologists Audra Clos MD and, Karan Sra, MD, offer the most innovative treatment options for all facets of skin health. Patient care, monitoring, and advanced treatment options are at the forefront of the center’s values, with as much emphasis on the importance of regular skin exams as well as for the utilization of the latest treatments for all skin-related conditions.

Premier dermatologists serving River Oaks, Galleria, Museum District and inner loop Houston

Searching for an outstanding dermatologist in Houston? Look no further than the clinical expertise on offer at our premier River Oaks skin clinic, Bayou City Dermatology. Highly skilled at looking after the skin health for patients of all ages, you can rest assured that the clinical team headed by Audra Clos MD and Karan Sra, MD, leading dermatologist in Houston, will provide the ultimate in skin care for all members of the family.

Best dermatologists in Cypress, TX

Audra Clos MD and Karan Sra MD have serviced the Northwest location of Houston for over ten years. Our dermatologists and their skilled staff provide the most skilled cosmetic and medical treatments in the area.

Top dermatologists in Friendswood, TX

Residents seeking a skin doctor in Friendswood are well-served by the Bayou City Dermatology, one of the most outstanding skin centers in Texas. Whether you’re looking for a skilled professional to carry out particular treatments, such as monitoring for skin cancer or sun damage, or you’re seeking the best dermatologist in Friendswood to ensure your ongoing skin health, the clinical expertise provided by the friendly team is second to none.

#1 Alvin, Texas dermatologists

Anyone seeking a dermatologist in Alvin will be delighted to know their needs can be serviced by one of the best skin centers of Texas—the Bayou City Dermatology. Lead clinician, Karan Sra, MD, is globally renowned for the provision of the latest treatment of all skin-related conditions, and her team believes wholeheartedly in the importance of regular monitoring and skin exams for patients of all ages.