Excess Fat

Fatty tissue is the body's way of storing metabolic energy over extended periods of time. Depending on current physiological conditions, fat cells or adipocytes either store fat that is derived from the diet or liver metabolism, or release stored fat as fatty acids in times of additional energy requirement. The location of this fat determines it's metabolic profile. Visceral fat is located within the abdominal cavity, where as subcutaneous fat is located beneath the skin above the abdominal muscle.

We provide numerous treatments!

Coolsclupting and laser treatments are available for removing pesky excess fat in specific areas of the body. These solutions are incredibly straight forward and are customized to your treatment plan. Targeted fat cells will be broken down and cleared away from the area naturally over a period of several weeks, all while other cells from the treated area remain unharmed. In a matter of weeks, you will be able to see lasting results!

Are there complications of excess body fat?

Diseases and illness
Excess body fat is directly linked to a wide variety of diseases, including insulin resistance, diabetes, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, the metabolic syndrome and certain types of cancers.
The effects
Excess body fat also contributes significantly to premature death, with studies suggesting that the risk increases by 20 - 40% in non-smoking overweight individuals and by at least 2-3 times among obese individuals.

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