Jeuveau is a prescription medication that’s used to treat lines and wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows. These are known as glabellar lines or, more commonly, as frown lines. Jeuveau is injected into the muscles surrounding these lines, causing them to relax.

Who can have Jeuveau Treatment?

Jeuveau is used to treat mild, moderate, and severe frown lines between the eyebrows and is licensed for adults aged 18 and over. It’s suitable for most people but shouldn’t be used if you’ve had a previous allergic reaction to any of its ingredients or any other botulinum toxin product (such as Botox or Dysport).  

Other cautions include some cardiac conditions, bleeding disorders, conditions affecting the nervous system, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking certain prescription medications. If any of these apply to you, be sure to communicate this to your practitioner during your initial consultation. Should your situation change at any point in the future, you should also inform them before the next treatment is carried out.

Jeuveau works similarly to Botox or Dysport.

What are the Advantages of Jeuveau Compared to Botox or Dysport?

However, it has a unique formula, meaning that some people will experience better results with Jeuveau, and vice versa. What Jeuveau does bring is a further element to a practitioner’s repertoire, allowing them to select the best product to create a bespoke treatment plan.
Jeuveau is currently only FDA-approved for the treatment of glabellar lines, unlike Botox, which is approved for other areas of the body and issues including excessive sweating. However, like other injectables, an experienced practitioner can decide to use Jeuveau off-label to treat other wrinkles on the face or body, if he or she deems this is appropriate. However, it’s important to know that as Jeuveau is relatively new to the market (it was given FDA approval in February 2019), that there is limited data regarding its use anywhere other than on glabellar lines. One advantage Jeuveau has over other injectables is the price. It costs less and might, therefore, be more appealing to those who’re new to botulinum toxin injections.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Long do the Effects of Jeuveau Last?


Frown lines typically reduce as soon as 2-3 days post-treatment. This continues to improve, with peak results being achieved anywhere between days 7-30. The results are long-lasting, with longevity extending anywhere from 3-6 months.


Is Jeuveau Safe?


Jeuveau has been approved by the FDA as safe to use in the USA for the treatment of glabellar (frown) lines. While there are risks, these are minimal, and Jeuveau is widely and successfully used to reduce facial wrinkles.


Does Jeuveau Last Longer than Botox?


Both treatments generally last a similar amount of time, anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the individual. For some people, Jeuveau will give longer results than other treatments and vice versa. The optimal treatment for you will be determined by your practitioner, who will carry out an in-depth consultation and discuss your requirements prior to your first treatment In some cases, it might be suggested that both Jeuveau and Botox are used simultaneously, should you have facial wrinkles on multiple areas that you’d like to improve.


Does Jeuveau Treatment Hurt?


 For most people, undergoing Jeuveau treatment isn’t painful—perhaps it’s best described as being slightly uncomfortable. You should expect a mild stinging sensation when the needle is inserted. This usually disappears after a second or two, with no residual pain. Most people say that the treatment is tolerable with little or no pain whatsoever.

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