CBD & Plastic Surgery: Is it Safe?

With the rise in popularity of CBD products, if you’re considering having some kind of cosmetic procedure, you may well be wondering if there are any known contraindications.


With the rise in popularity of CBD products, if you’re considering having some kind of cosmetic procedure, you may well be wondering if there are any known contraindications.

In short, you will have to stop ingesting or vaping CBD before going under the knife. Read on to understand why this is, the timescales involved, and the dangers of not following your cosmetic surgeon’s pre-op requirements.

Everything You Need to know about the CBD-Plastic Surgery Link 

The effects of CBD on the body

  • Why this affects surgery

The effects of CBD on the body

The explosion in use of CBD products continues to rise exponentially. Many people successfully use it to manage various health-related conditions. Current research has shown that it can be effective in managing issues, such as epilepsy, various mental health disorders, and sleep problems.

However, its popularity means that many people are self-medicating with CBD for concerns that have not yet been proven by scientific research. Pain and anxiety are two stand-out reasons why CBD is vaped, eaten (in the form of gummies), or regularly taken as a tincture.

Anecdotal evidence aside, research shows that CBD products work with receptors in the nervous system. Many people find this has a calming effect, which explains why its use has become so widespread in a relatively short space of time.

But… And this is a big but. CBD products come in many different forms and qualities. Synthetic products are common—you might not even be aware that what you’ve purchased contains these, as opposed to wholly natural ingredients.

Some of the effects of CBD on the body include:

  • Increased bleeding (an anticoagulant effect)
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Behavioral change (both positive and negative)
  • Reacts with enzymes in the liver

Why this affects surgery

The biggest risk with CBD and surgery are those relating to bleeding and within the liver. It goes without saying that you don’t want to elevate the risk of unwanted blood loss from any surgical procedure.

The second is the action CBD has within the liver. It reacts with an enzyme here and thus can prevent other medications from working. This could mean that anesthesia or analgesics can’t work in the way they’re meant to and become less effective.

CBD, Plastic Surgery, and Safety

  • FAQs about CBD and plastic surgery

FAQs about CBD and plastic surgery

In short, if you’re preparing to undergo any kind of surgical procedure—including plastic surgery—you’ll be asked to cease taking any form of CBD for at least two weeks prior to the operation. This will give time for any residual effects to be eliminated from your system.

The last thing you or your surgeon wants is for excessive bleeding to take place. One of the biggest risks of this happening during or after the operation is the need for additional procedures. The more times you go under the knife, the higher the likelihood of tissue death or asymmetrical results.

Sadly, the regulation of CBD products isn’t anywhere near as strict as it needs to be. This, combined with the lack of data and research into its use, means that there is a real danger of side effects if it’s used too close to surgery. If you do use the product and are considering a surgical procedure, it’s vital to be honest with your practitioner. They won’t judge—they just want to be fully in the picture to ensure that you receive the results you desire.

Your Health is Paramount at Bayou City Dermatology & Clarify Everything to Ensure Safe CBD Plastic Surgery

As you can see, the key to safe plastic surgery is to reduce and then stop the use of any CBD products at the right time before any procedure. Much in the same way as those who take blood thinning medication need to stop for a while, CBD users must do the same.

But don’t worry. At Bayou City, we’ll explain everything you need to do before any procedure. From answering all your questions to providing simple-to-understand pre-op instructions, we’ll support and explain every aspect, every step of the way.

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