Daxxify receives FDA Approval

Stop the press! Daxxify—the latest neuromodulator with extended effects—has received FDA approval.


Stop the press! Daxxify—the latest neuromodulator with extended effects—has received FDA approval. The benefits of the product are already being hailed as a new breakthrough in the injectables market. 

So… Is it something that might suit you? Are you ready to switch allegiance from your beloved Botox (Dysport, Jeuveau, and others)? 

Discover the hype as we discuss the key details about the wonders of Daxxify. 

Daxxify: all your questions answered

  • Daxxify receives FDA approval: how, why, and when
  • Daxxify: the pros
  • Daxxify: the cons

Daxxify receives FDA approval: how, why, and when

The key dates in the Daxxify timeline are as follows: submission (actually, resubmission following pandemic-related delays) was April 21, 2022. FDA approval was granted to use the product in adults to treat glabellar lines (the lines between the eyebrows, often referred to as frown lines) on September 08, 2022.

Of course, training and supply chains meant that the use of Daxxify has only become available from the beginning of 2023—and only in the most advanced locations with proactive and dynamic clinicians.

Daxxify: the pros

The most significant advantage of Daxxify over other neuromodulators is how long it lasts. Typical results average around 6 months—with some reports showing it can be effective up to 9 months after treatments. This is certainly an improvement on Botox longevity, which is typically in the 3–4-month range.

Other pros include:

  • Contains no animal or human products or byproducts. Other neuromodulators use human serum albumin—something that’s found in blood plasma. Daxxify is made from peptide technology. This is thought to be a key reason why it lasts so much longer than its competitors.
  • Has a 98% success rate: While this is similar to other injectables, some reports show that Botox has a 90-99% success rate.
  • Suitable for most people: This is similar to other options. Reasons not to have injectables include taking certain medications (anticoagulants, drugs for irregular heartbeat, Alzheimer’s drugs, autoimmune disorders, etc.) and if you’re pregnant or nursing.
  • Very few potential side effects: The most common is a headache, with around 6% of people reporting this post-treatment. 2% of people experienced drooping eyelids and 1% had facial asymmetry. It’s important to underline the importance of only allowing an experienced practitioner to administer Daxxify or any other neuromodulator. This will significantly reduce the potential for side effects.
  • Can be used to treat certain medical conditions: Like Botox and others, Daxxify can be successful in the treatment of conditions, such as chronic migraines, excessive sweating, an overactive bladder, and more. However, this is done off-license and should only be carried out by suitable qualified medical doctors.

Daxxify: the cons

Of course, we can’t discuss the pros without looking at the other side of the coin. 

  1. The longevity of Daxxify might be an issue in some cases: Because it lasts significantly longer than Botox and other options, it might not be the right choice for new users. If you hate the result, then you could potentially be living with it for 9 months or more. Better to build up a relationship with a talented provider and, once you know and trust them, consider changing to Daxxify in the future.
  2. Daxxify might not be cheaper: While you won’t have to have as many treatments per year, Daxxify could well be more expensive than other options. However, it will cut down on the amount of time you need to spend getting injectables carried out.
  3. Daxxify isn’t yet widely available: But should become more so as practitioners take on the additional training and more outlets add it to their repertoire.

Daxxify Receives FDA Approval: get yours at Bayou City Dermatology

Bayou City Dermatology is delighted to add Daxxify to its list of quality injectables. Our medically-qualified clinicians are always keen to keep up with the lates products and training, meaning our doctors can also use the product off-license for areas other than forehead lines. We can also prescribe and use neuromodulators for medical reasons.

Discover more at https://www.bayoucitydermatology.com/cosmetic/daxxify and call today to book a consultation.