Do I have Zoom dysmorphia?

Zoom dysmorphia is real—and it affects more people than you might think. Sure, there are levels of the problem.


The pandemic has a lot to answer for. From dogs that can’t cope to being left alone to dreading having to stare at yourself on screen, that damn C-word has left many of us a whole lot messed up…

While we can’t advise on the former (for that, we suggest contacting a reputable canine behaviorist), but the latter? Now, that’s our area of expertise.

Zoom dysmorphia is real—and it affects more people than you might think. Sure, there are levels of the problem. Because, let’s be honest, who really loves being forced to feast their eyes on their own image for hours on end? But it’s become a new way of life, thanks to the never-ending number of remote meetings that have become the norm.

So, do you suffer? Read on to find out if that unease you feel when watching yourself is quite natural, or whether it’s something a bit more serious (and, if it is, what you can do about it).

What is Zoom Dysmorphia

  • Zoom dysmorphia explained

Zoom dysmorphia explained

Zoom dysmorphia has been defined as a real condition by dermatologists. It comes from spending a disproportionate amount of time staring at the image of oneself on screen. Experts describe the phenomenon as causing people to have a distorted image of themselves—cameras, phones, computers, and tablets often provide a less than true-to-life image, depending on the angle and lighting.

The result of this enforced, unnatural view of our image for extended periods can make us focus on our perceived flaws, such as wrinkles or the shape of your nose, for example.

While the condition has its roots in social media use before the pandemic, it intensified during lockdown and the necessary changes in working practices. Our ongoing use of online platforms increases the risk that those who’re predisposed to body dysmorphia can trigger an exacerbation of symptoms.

Is it Zoom Dysmorphia or a Natural Emotion?

  • When Zoom dysmorphia becomes a problem
  • Worried? Time to take a proactive approach

When Zoom dysmorphia becomes a problem

While most of us are naturally critical of our image, for a small percentage of people it can become a very real problem. Dermatologists have reported a 56.7% rise in consultation requests, with 82.7% of these being directly attributed to looking at themselves on video calls. (Statistics taken from the scholarly article, “Zoom Dysmorphia”: the rise of a new issue amidst the pandemic, published by the National Library of Medicine).

Worried? Time to take a proactive approach

If you’re worried that you might be affected, there are some simple approaches that you can easily action. The first is to improve how you appear on camera to reduce or remove the distortion that provides an untrue likeness of how you look.

The following can help:

  • Use a high-resolution camera
  • Position the camera an appropriate distance from the face
  • Using a ring light to better light your face

If such steps fail to quell your concerns, the next step might be to speak to your healthcare practitioner to help assess the severity of how you’re feeling. Genuine body dysmorphia needs professional help. 

However, many of us simply want to give nature a helping hand—and many procedures can assist with this. A reputable dermatologist will always delve into why you might want such treatments. If they have any concerns that your requirements are disproportionate to your actual looks, they might advise a second opinion to ensure any underlying issues are addressed, before suggesting going ahead with treatment.

Bayou City Dermatology can Help You Reach a Positive Body Image

While we’re not mental health experts, we can assist those with natural concerns to achieve the look they desire. Our dermatologists are, first and foremost, medical doctors. This means that before carrying out any invasive procedure, we pay close attention to whether any underlying psychological conditions are driving the change.

If there are, we will, naturally, assist to get the necessary help. However, for the vast majority, it’s natural to want to look our best—be it on Zoom meetings or during real, face-to-face meetings. We offer a huge range of services, from body sculpting to chemical peels, injectables to laser treatments.

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