River Oaks Top Dermatologists

The science of dermatology—the skin—is complex and fascinating. No one knows this more intimately than doctors who choose to specialize in the subject and practice as dermatologists. 

River Oaks Top Dermatologists

The science of dermatology—the skin—is complex and fascinating. No one knows this more intimately than doctors who choose to specialize in the subject and practice as dermatologists. 

However, as in all walks of life, there’s a wide range of practitioner expertise. When it comes to your precious skin, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. Texas residents, especially those within traveling distance of River Oaks, TX, are fortunate to have a premier clinic right on their doorstep—Bayou City Dermatology.

So what makes a great dermatologist? Read on to discover all you need to know about choosing the right clinician for your needs. 

What Makes a Great Dermatologist?

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • And don’t forget… 


Dermatology is a skilled subject, one that demands many years of medical doctor training and then specializing in the subject of the skin. While certain skin improvement procedures can be carried out by other health care professionals with the relevant training, the ultimate care comes from those who’ve dedicated their professional career to the study of the body’s largest organ (yep, the skin is an organ, in case you didn’t know). 


Qualifications are only one element of what makes the best skin doctor. Experience is also vital for the ultimate care. Of course, everyone needs to start somewhere, and this certainly doesn’t mean that you should shun a practitioner who’s just starting their customer-facing journey. However, you should ensure their practice is overseen by someone who has many years under their belt to guide them along the way. 

And don’t forget… 

Qualifications and experience are next to useless without the right people skills. The best dermatologists are also great communicators. Not only are they adept at explaining what procedures will work for you, but they also have excellent listening skills—something vital to ensure they understand and achieve your expectations.

Tips for Finding a Great Dermatologist—River Oaks, Texas, or Across the USA

  • 5 steps to finding the best dermatologist

5 steps to finding the best dermatologist 

The following is a simple guide to finding a great dermatologist in your area: 

  1. Make a shortlist: Decide how far you’re prepared to travel and map out what area falls within this remit. An easy Google search will bring up all the registered providers within your catchment area. Weed out any that sound unsuitable (bad reviews, limited treatments, etc.). 
  2. Review the list: Are there any that friends, family, or colleagues can recommend? Check out online reviews—make sure that you look at current ones and look for repeated mentions of named clinicians.
  3. Contact the top 3: Preferably by phone, but email or other messaging if it’s offered. How your call is handled is important. If an establishment doesn’t have an efficient and helpful first contact portal, then how can you trust that this won’t continue into the treatment offered?
  4. Arrange an initial consultation: This should involve an in-depth discussion about your requirements and expectations. The dermatologist should assess your suitability for treatments and offer you choices. You should feel comfortable and confident that your needs will be met and that you’re in experienced hands.
  5. Attend your appointment: All that’s left for you to do is let the dermatologist work their magic. Remember, ask as many questions as you need to throughout the process and always give genuine feedback on the results. 

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While self-promotion might be considered a little immodest, when it comes to showing the dedication of our clinicians to our clients, it’s surely well-founded. We’re truly proud of our excellent team. Headed by two highly talented and experienced doctors, Audra Clos MD and Kara Sra MD, our premier dermatology team provides expert clinical care and dermatological procedures for every member of the family. 

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