Skin Care Habits are Better than New Year’s Resolutions

New Year resolutions… Most of us make them—and then break them within a few weeks (days?) of swearing that this year you’re absolutely going to nail it. 


New Year resolutions… Most of us make them—and then break them within a few weeks (days?) of swearing that this year you’re absolutely going to nail it. 

So, how about doing it a little differently this year? Instead of promising yourself that you’ll get up that hour earlier to hit the gym before work, or finally lose those extra pounds to get back into your high school prom dress, why not simply get into some great skin care habits that are easy to do AND won’t take much effort to stick to…?

2024 Skin Care Resolutions that Anyone Can Commit To

  • Transformational daily 2024 skin care resolutions
  • Transformational weekly 2024 skin care resolutions
  • Transformational monthly (or longer) 2024 skin care resolutions

Transformational daily 2024 skin care resolutions 

  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen… Remember the late nineties song, Sunscreen? Or, to give it its full name, “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” by Baz Luhrmann. If you don’t, check it out—it’s very cool. Well, his advice to use the product is as relevant today as it was then. And it’s so easy to commit to… Simply add it to your morning routine and voila! You’ve taken a massive step that has a dramatic effect on slowing how quickly your skin ages.
  • Consistency is key: Set up an easy (and quick) morning and evening routine. Forget a regime that takes 10 minutes or longer, because it’s so easy to skip when you’re tired/in a rush/overslept/the baby’s crying, etc. Daily cleansing and moisturizing should take mere seconds—especially if you choose quality products that don’t require multiple steps to use. Do this, and you’re far more likely to stick to the routine.
  • Remove makeup nightly: Yep, it can be a bind. But overnight is the time that your skin is at its busiest repairing and regenerating. If you know that the chore is likely to be ignored in your just-before-bed routine, try removing makeup as soon as you get home instead.

Transformational weekly 2024 skin care resolutions 

  • Exfoliate: While you might use a product, such as exfoliating cloth, during your daily routine, try to take time to carry out a (gentle) deeper exfoliation once a week. Pick the highest-end product you can and make sure that no scrubbing is involved. Products, such as enzyme exfoliators, are a great addition to your beauty regime as they suit most skin types and are wonderfully soft to use.
  • Clean your makeup brushes: Hands up if you’re guilty of not doing this. Don’t be ashamed—you’re certainly not the only one. But weekly cleaning of all your makeup applicators (try doing it when you carry out your weekly exfoliation) is essential to keep them clean and healthy. It’s not a long job—just rinse them under tepid water and let them air dry naturally.

Transformational monthly (or more) 2024 skin care resolutions 

  • Consult a skin care specialist: One of the ultimate methods of loving the skin you’re in is to seek professional advice. A monthly or bi-monthly assessment and recommended treatment can do wonders for your skin quality.
  • Choose your products with care: Don’t be drawn into the advertising hype, such as targeted social media ads or influencer recommendations. Despite what the beauty industry might try to convince you, it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on quality products. A good skin care specialist can help advise you. Embrace clean practices, such as only using skincare items that are free from parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde.
  • Get regular, personalized treatments: Your skin is unique, and so should your treatment plan. Consulting and partnering with a great clinician is the ultimate way to understand what your skin needs and only pay out for treatments that are truly beneficial.

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