Stop the Sweat on your Wedding Day

If you’re worried about wedding day sweat, then read on.


So, you’re getting married. Eek! How exciting. 

However, no one will deny that your wedding day is likely to be fraught with nerves. And if you’re the kind of person who sweats when the jitters hit, then you’re likely to be desperate to prevent that hot, sticky feeling from ruining your day.

If you’re worried about wedding day sweat, then read on. We’ve put together the ultimate list to reduce or banish the problem, so all you need to concentrate on is looking fabulous. Oh, and remembering your vows, of course…

The 1, 2, 3 of Reducing Wedding Day Sweat

  • Wedding day sweat: top tip #1
  • Wedding day sweat: top tip #2
  • Wedding day sweat: top tip #3

Wedding day sweat: top tip #1

If sweating is a fairly minor issue for you, then the use of robust antiperspirants should do the job. As the name suggests, these help to stop the process of producing sweat. But be aware that they do this by blocking the pores. This means you’ll need to wash away the product afterward, as some people with sensitive skin can find that they react to them.

Wedding day sweat: top tip #2

A quick word on clothing. Whether you choose the casual look or are going full-on formal, be aware that certain colors show sweat more than others. Gray is one of the biggest culprits. So, if you know that you perspire excessively, you should avoid wearing this shade.

Wedding day sweat: top tip #3

For those who suffer from truly excessive sweating, there is a more definitive option—Botox injections. While many people think of this as a rejuvenating facial treatment, another use that it’s FDA approved for is to reduce sweating. It can be used on various areas of the body. These include:

  • The underarms
  • Face
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Beneath the breasts
  • The head

It works by blocking the signals from the brain that stimulate the body to produce sweat. Botox can be extremely effective and works after a single treatment to the required area—most commonly the armpits. Results are seen within 3-4 days, with the full effect noticed at around two weeks.

While it can dramatically reduce the amount of sweat you produce, you’ll likely still have to wear deodorant and/or antiperspirant as normal.

One common worry people have is that if they get their underarms treated, they’ll sweat more from other areas of the body. However, this doesn’t occur. You also don’t suffer from any reduced ability to cool down. This is because only around 2% of total body sweat is produced from the armpits.

There are some potential side effects. For most people, this is the initial discomfort of the injections. This is commonly described as having a small elastic band “twang” against the skin. Another risk is that of muscle weakness, but this is more usually associated with other areas of Botox use, such as the hands.

If Botox to reduce sweating is something that interests you, (whether for your wedding day or just everyday life) it’s vital to approach a dermatologist who’s used to using the product specifically to target sweating. This is because they’ll have experience in the process and be aware of the potential side effects when used in this instance.

In general, the use of Botox—both for facial aesthetics and to reduce sweating—is considered an extremely safe process, as long as it’s carried out by a qualified professional.

Ready to Glow (but not sweat) on your Wedding Day? Partner with Bayou City Dermatology for your Best Skin Ever

Looking good on your wedding day is best-approached way before the event. As well as skin treatments that’ll help roll back the years and give a gorgeous healthy glow, we can also help with more invasive treatments, such as Botox, that can work wonders for excessive sweating.

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