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Whether you’re looking for a dermatologist in Bayou City or anywhere else, there are some strategic steps to take to ensure you find the best person to treat you.


Whether you’re looking for a dermatologist in Bayou City or anywhere else, there are some strategic steps to take to ensure you find the best person to treat you.  

Before you even begin your search, it’s important to understand what it is you want to achieve. Are you looking for an effective anti-aging treatment, for example? Or perhaps you have a clinical need, such as a skin doctor to treat acne, contact dermatitis, or maybe a cure for intensive sweating?

Whatever your requirements, finding the best Bayou City dermatologist (or, indeed, in any other location) can be achieved by carrying out an easy, yet strategic, search.

Finding the Best Bayou City Dermatology Clinic (or wherever you’re located)

  • Define your requirements
  • Starting the search

Define your requirements

As already mentioned, you need to first be clear in your mind what you want from a skin clinician. The sphere of dermatology includes a vast number of options—not all of which need to be performed by a qualified doctor.

However… While there are some very good beauticians out there who offer certain treatments, no one knows skin like a medical professional who specializes in dermatology. Indeed, to become a dermatologist, many years of study and practice are needed to qualify first as a medical doctor, before undertaking extensive further training to pursue a career and practice in the field of skin, hair, and nails.

So, why is this important to you in your search?

The answer to this is simple. It’s because:

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It performs many functions, including:

  • Temperature regulation.
  • Is a physical barrier against the outside world. 
  • Transmits pain.
  • Provides you with the ability to touch and feel.
  • Gives the body structural support.
  • Protects the delicate internal organs.
  • Plays an important role in wound healing.
  • Provides a crucial part in the transportation of blood, water, and oxygen around the body.
  • Plays a vital role in the synthesizing of vitamin D.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (but if we go into any more depth, it’d be a whole new subject on its own…!)

OK, so now that you’re aware of how important your skin is, do you honestly want anyone other than a trained medical professional messing around with it? Sure, you can get cut-price Botox from someone who’s taken an entry-level course in injectables, but do you think they have the in-depth knowledge of the structure of the skin and its maze of nerves and blood vessels that a doctor of dermatology has? (That’s a rhetorical question, just in case you were wondering…).

Therefore, your first requirement in finding a dermatologist is that they must be appropriately qualified to service your needs. Skin doctors tend to home in on their area of interest and expertise—after all, there’s a huge number of treatments available. If, say, anti-aging is your aim, then you’ll probably need a different professional to one that treats hair loss or skin cancer, for example.

Starting the search

Once you’ve defined what it is you need a skin doctor to do, it’s time to draw up a shortlist. There are many ways to approach this, but commonly people use some of the following methods:

  • Word of mouth.
  • A referral from your general physician.
  • Online search.
  • Ask your insurance company for their preferred doctor’s list.
  • Choose from the American Academy of Dermatology website.

If you have particular specialist or niche requirements, then you should be prepared to travel to take advantage of a suitably qualified clinician.

The 6 Points of Excellence 

  • From insurance to certification: 6 elements that define a great dermatologist
  • Trust your gut

From insurance to certification: 6 elements that define a great dermatologist

The next step is to narrow down your list to perhaps 2 or a maximum of three doctors. Do this by:

  1. Checking out their credentials: Their qualifications, registration with appropriate legislative bodies, etc.
  2. Considering experience: As already mentioned, you’ll want to partner with a dermatologist who specializes in the particular field you’re looking for.
  3. Asking about insurance: Every practicing clinician should have robust insurance in place. No procedure can ever be 100% risk-free, and no good skin doctor will mind you asking what insurance they have in place should there be a rare, unexpected occurrence during treatment.
  4. Question their pre-screening considerations: Following on from the above point, ask how they determine whether or not a patient is suitable for a particular procedure.
  5. Take note of communications: How does the doctor and/or facility respond to your queries? Good providers get back to you promptly, courteously, and answer all your questions. Exceptional providers over-deliver, pre-empting many FAQs and providing you with information without you needing to ask.
  6. Browse patient reviews: While reviews aren’t the be-all and end-all (they’re easy to fake or manipulate), a lack of them could be a red flag (unless a doctor has only recently set up in practice)—as can very many negative ones.

Trust your gut

Never underestimate the power of your gut feeling. When you schedule your initial consultation (you have been offered an initial consultation, haven’t you?) you should feel at ease and filled with confidence as to the doctor’s expertise.

If you have any nagging doubts that the doctor doesn’t satisfactorily answer—or, indeed, you just have a “feeling” that this isn’t the clinician for you—then it’s probably a strong signal that you should continue your search.

The relationship between you and your dermatologist is an intimate one. You’re trusting someone to perform intricate—and sometimes invasive—actions on one of your body’s most precious organs. As such, you not only need to feel comfortable with them treating you, but also that they fully understand the reasons behind you seeking their assistance and the goals you hope to achieve.

Remember, the dermatologist-patient relationship is an ongoing one. It can take many sessions and many months to get the results you hope for. The best skin doctors will give you a realistic time frame. Overnight “miracle” treatments simply don’t exist, and top skin doctors will tell you this upfront. Once you combine realistic expectations with the right dermatologist, you’ll likely be happily surprised with the results that can be attained. 

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