Your Guide to Daxxify: the modern Botox replacement

When we think of fillers and injectables, the first one to spring to mind is Botox. But there is another solution within Daxxify.


When we think of fillers and injectables, the first one to spring to mind is Botox. While the product is still widely used and extremely effective, did you know that using it for health and aesthetics dates back to the 1970s? 

Now, that’s an awfully long time, we think you’ll agree.

As to be expected, there are now many alternatives - and the latest poster child has to be Daxxify. The following is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about Daxxify.

All About Daxxify

  • What is Daxxify?
  • How does Daxxify differ from Botox?
  • What’s better - Daxxify or Botox?

What is Daxxify?

Daxxify is a reasonably new injectable treatment that’s used to improve the appearance of frown lines. It was given FDA approval in August 2022 (it would’ve been earlier but was delayed due to the pandemic). While it still contains the same neurotoxins as its rivals, Daxxify uses a novel peptide formula that helps stabilize the active ingredient.

In addition to being approved for glabellar lines (the clinical name for those deep lines that appear between the eyebrows as you age), in August 2023 the product was also given FDA approval for the treatment of cervical dystonia (a condition that causes the muscles in the neck to go into spasm).

How does Daxxify differ from Botox?

While Daxxify contains the same active ingredient as Botox and other injectables that paralyze the tiny muscles below the skin, there are some significant differences.

  • Daxxify uses a unique peptide stabilizer that helps speed up the delivery of the neurotoxin to the tissues.
  • The effects of Daxxify can be seen within a couple of days. Botox tends to take up to a week before you notice a difference.
  • Daxxify has far greater longevity. While Botox treatments typically last anywhere from 3-6 months, Daxxify can last double the amount of time in more than 95% of people.
  • No human-based products.

However, currently, Daxxify is only authorized for use on glabellar lines. Botox is licensed for use for a variety of facial lines (and other medical uses).

What’s better – Daxxify or Botox?

Now… There’s a question. While the efficacy and longevity of Daxxify might make you think it’s the new wonder treatment that could replace Botox, its current single-area use means that’s not going to happen. At least, for a while.

The key takeaway in the Daxxify vs. Botox battle is this… While each has its pros and cons, deciding which is the preferred treatment for you is something that only a professional can make. In many cases, a combination attack is the best way forward. This is especially relevant if you have multiple lines and/ior wrinkles to be treated.

Furthermore, the careful use of both injectables and fillers might be the solution. The reduction of facial volume as we age plays a crucial part in the appearance of wrinkles and how quickly they advance.

Therefore, the only person who can truly answer the question of which is better—Daxxify or Botox—is an experienced clinician. Even so, they’ll be advising which is better for you, not for everyone in general.

Our individuality is key to deciding the best way forward with fillers and injectables. So, choose your provider with care. That way, you’ll not only end up with the look you desire, but you’ll get the best longevity as well…

Get the Ultimate Injectables – Including Daxxify - at Bayou City Dermatology

The thing is, there is no one “best” injectable. The right one – or combination – depends on your particular requirements. The only way to assess this is with an in-person appointment with an expert clinician. 

The correct use of and placement of injectables is more than just a clinical skill—it’s virtually an art form—with your facial, jaw, and neck area as the canvas. 

At Bayou City Dermatology, our physician-led team is highly experienced. We pride ourselves in the success of our injectables and fillers treatments. Don’t entrust your great looks to anyone but the best. 

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