Can My Birthmark be Removed with Laser Treatment?

Without stating the obvious, birthmarks are something many of us have put up with since we came into this world.

Can My Birthmark be Removed with Laser Treatment?

Without stating the obvious, birthmarks are something many of us have put up with since we came into this world. Some are located in an area that’s generally hidden from sight: others are on plain view at all times, such as facial birthmarks.

No matter where yours might be, if it bothers you then you’ll be delighted to know that there are effective laser treatments available that can remove most types of birthmarks. 

The following discusses the different types and the options available for removal. 

All About Birthmarks: Causes and removal 

  • What are birthmarks?
  • Remove birthmark: the options

What are birthmarks?

Birthmarks are areas of the skin that are discolored. They can present in a variety of colors and shades, from pink or red and right through the spectrum to dark brown. They range in size, from the smallest of moles through to extensive regions of the body being affected.

There are two types of birthmarks—vascular and pigmented. The former is caused by an abnormal clustering of blood vessels that show as red, purple, or pink discoloration. They most normally occur on the face, head, and neck. Pigmented birthmarks are the result of excessive pigmentation, known as melanin, in the skin and are usually brown. They can be anywhere on the body. 

The vast majority of birthmarks aren’t harmful and don’t require treatment for medical reasons. However, large or very obvious birthmarks can have an impact, perhaps affecting self-esteem. In such cases, there are options to have them safely removed. 

Remove birthmark: the options 

Some birthmarks are apparent during a person’s early years and fade or even disappear with time. Others evolve over time, such as congenital moles. It’s important to note that if you’re concerned that a mole has changed shape or color you consult a dermatologist or medical professional to get them checked. This is because, on rare occasions, moles can become malignant.

There are natural methods that can be tried to fade birthmarks, such as the application of lemon juice or olive oil. However, if you require birthmark removal for aesthetic reasons, the only guaranteed and permanent way to do so is through laser treatment. 

Laser Treatment to Remove Birthmarks

  • Laser treatment: vascular birthmark removal
  • Laser treatment: pigmented birthmark removal 

Laser treatment: vascular birthmark removal 

Vascular birthmarks, such as port-wine stains, salmon patches, and strawberry marks, can be successfully removed using what’s called a Pulse Dye laser. The treatment is painless and usually takes place over a series of sessions. The laser targets the cluster of abnormal blood vessels, breaking them up into tiny fragments. They’re then simply washed away via the body’s natural immune system.

Laser treatment: pigmented birthmark removal

Laser treatment to remove pigmented birthmarks is safe and effective. A special type of laser, known as an ND Yag, is passed over the area to gently disperse and remove the hyperpigmentation. Treatment will usually take place over several sessions. The exact number will depend on the size, depth, and location of the birthmark. 

Both types of birthmark removal require treatment by a skilled and qualified dermatologist. An initial consultation will take place, during which your birthmark will be assessed and the type of laser treatment will be explained to you. Your doctor will advise as to the number of treatments he or she considers will be necessary to remove the birthmark entirely. 

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