Prioritize Your Health and Your Skin Will Follow

The body is a dynamic system. Look after the base product—AKA, your health—and this will directly impact the appearance of your skin.

Prioritize Your Health and Your Skin Will Follow 

The body is a dynamic system. Look after the base product—AKA, your health—and this will directly impact the appearance of your skin. This makes healthy lifestyle choices one of the most powerful tools we have to improve any dermatological issues we might have.

Of course, this comes with the proviso that some skin conditions aren’t always the result of poor choices—far from it. In many cases, partnering with an excellent dermatologist to provide the best treatment is necessary. Common conditions, such as severe acne or unwanted excess hair, are two examples of where professional intervention is needed.

Nonetheless, even with the worst skin conditions, the link between health and the skin is irrefutable. So let’s look at this in a little more depth. 

Health and Wellness: making the right choices 

  • Health and wellness: diet
  • Health and wellness: skincare

Health and wellness: diet

Diet is one of the most important aspects of great skin health. Any online search will bring up a gazillion articles and advice about what to eat and drink for healthy skin. 

However… Our 24/7 lives mean that it’s often not so easy to pre-plan and prepare healthy, nutritious dishes for every meal. Instead of trying to follow a meal plan (and often failing within weeks or days due to the sheer time it takes to do so), consider taking the following easy steps instead. 

  1. Eat food that’s as close to its normal state as possible: One of the greatest culprits of poor body health is processed food. Pre-packed meals more often than not contain excess salt, sugar, and hidden bad fats. Even the so-called “healthy” snacks that are so heavily marketed are often of poor nutritional value. Instead of these, try to eat food that hasn’t been massively changed from its original form. So snacks could be fruit or vegetables, main meals of fish, meat (for those that eat them), or carefully selected plant-based alternatives for the vegans.
  2. Eat a wide variety of colors: Such as yellow (peppers, bananas, for example.), red (tomatoes, cherries, red-leaved salad & veg), light and dark green (lettuce, broccoli, asparagus) white and dark meat, white fish, etc. Food plates should be a kaleidoscope of color—the more varied the better.
  3. Avoid poor white nutrition: White rice, white sugar, white bread… All of these provide a bunch of calories with very little nutritional value.
  4. Drink water before every meal: A glass of water will help sate any unrecognized thirst and help regulate the amount of food you ingest at each sitting. 

These handy hints will help change your attitude towards food—something that’s key to a lifelong healthy diet.

Health and wellness: skincare

This is so important, both for physical health as well as the look of your skin. By far the greatest message here is sun protection. Slather on the factor 30-50, wear hats, don sunglasses stay in the shade… All of these are key to reducing the aging effect of UV rays, as well as lowering the risk of skin cancers.

Use quality cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that are specific for your age. Creating a skincare regime that becomes a habit is the way forward. This should include the whole body—don’t forget areas, such as the feet and joint areas that can cause problems during later years. You should also keep an eye on any moles and seek professional advice should you notice any changes. 

Giving Health and Wellness a Helping Hand

  • Dermatological advances and intervention

Dermatological advances and intervention

We’re very lucky that there are now many advanced procedures that can give nature a helping hand. From dermal fillers to laser light treatments, it’s never too early or too late to partner with a dermatologist to take advantage of the very latest treatments.

Ready for the Best Skin of Your Life? Partner with Bayou City Dermatology Today

The key to great skin is to only seek out treatments from the best professionals. At Bayou City Dermatology, we don’t only perform cosmetic procedures, such as fillers, facial treatments, laser, and light treatments, our highly qualified dermatologists can treat medical conditions, such as severe acne, excessive sweating, excess hair from hormone imbalance, and more.

While we do, of course, champion healthy lifestyle choices (who doesn’t?), we also know that expert intervention is often needed to allow you the best skin of your life.

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